What Is a Tech Pack and Why Do I Need One?

A tech pack (also known as technical specifications or simply specs) is, in essence, a blueprint of your product that the sewing contractor or factory follows throughout development to final production. It’s a living document that is updated frequently during the development process and later becomes a product history and reference guide for future seasons. The patternmaker (whether it be the factory’s or your own) will use it to make the first pattern. It’s also a way to document fitting notes, keep track of fabric and trim usage, and assist with costing.

Flat Sketches / Technical Drawings

A black and white CAD (another name for a flat sketch or tech drawing) is a detailed drawing the factory or patternmaker will use to see the details and shape of the garment or accessory. It is neither a stylized drawing nor a photograph, and therefore shows a clear view of the stitching lines and other design details. It can also be colored-up for use on Line Sheets, Mood Boards, or other documents.


Simply put, the base size pattern (for example, Medium) is adjusted up (Large and XL) or down (Small and XS) to create the size range. This occurs after the base size has been fit-approved and any adjustments to the pattern are finalized.

Establishing Your Brand’s Fit

The notion of “standardized” sizing in the apparel industry is a misnomer – a person can be a size 8 in one brand, yet a 12 in another. It’s impossible to fit everybody, so it is important to make a clear and consistent statement of your brand’s fit. Who is your customer? What is their body type? It takes an investment upfront to research and create a fit “block”, but it saves money on the back end – returns are not only costly, but your customers won’t be back next season if your products are ill-fitting.

Sourcing Fabric and Trims

A well-fitting garment should also be well-constructed by a reputable factory, utilizing quality fabric and trims. We can put you in touch with these suppliers, or can source for you. We attend trade shows and network with others in the industry. We don’t charge a fee to connect you with our colleagues – it’s all about relationships!

Vendor Communication

We can assist in putting together a Vendor Manual & Quality Guidelines to express your expectations of the sewing contractors and factories you partner with.

With over 20 years of experience with suppliers and factories all over the world, we are happy to help assist in communication: we can email, instant message or Skype to solve issues and get the process moving!

Other Services

What else can we help you with? Lab dips, Line Sheets, Costing, Patterns … just ask! If we can’t help you, chances are we know someone who can, and we’re happy to refer you.